How It Works
Ordering and Delivering Your Skip Bin

Getting Your Skip-Bin

Simply contact Paddy's Bins or complete the online order form to organise your bin. We can help you to determine the right sized bin for your project and deliver it on time ready for use.

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Delivering Your Skip- Bin

One of our truck drivers will deliver your bin on time to your site. Our service areas include Rockhampton, Yeppoon and surrounding areas. Please note that our bins CANNOT be moved once delivered, please prepare a suitable space for the bin to be placed before delivery.

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The Hook Bin System

The hook bin system loads and unloads the bin with the driver controlling the operation from the cab of the truck and with no manual contact or risk exposure to the operator or the customer. This process is time efficient, reduces manual labour and ensures the safety of our driver and you our customer.

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Collecting Your Skip-Bin

The Paddy's Bins team always ensure that their load is properly secured before they transport it back to the depot to be sorted, this is to help ensure our roads stay clean and to help the environment. Waste is then taken to the Council waste facility.