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Bin delivery — Waste Bins in Yeppoon, NSW

Waste Bin Delivery in Central Queensland

At Paddy’s Bins, we are committed to providing a variety of bins to meet the individual needs of our customers. We serve both construction sites, industrial properties and domestic locations with quality and easy-to-use bins that are durable and convenient. You’ll find that our bins come in two separate sizes (6m3 and 8m3), so we can accommodate jobs large and small.

Additionally, both of our convenient sizes feature our Hook Bin System, which allows you to walk your rubbish in without the need to lift anything over your head. Our bins are specially designed with a huge 1.8m hinge door at the front of the bin, which allows Bobcats to easily enter, and individuals can also wheel washing machines, refrigerators and other large objects right inside without any fuss. This system is also great for elderly people as they do not need to throw things over the top, they can just walk in and don’t risk hurting their backs or having something heavy fall on them.

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Our team is always ready and available to help you with our state-of-the-art bins. We will talk to you about your project, and then determine which size is right for your job. We’ll also provide a delivery service and help you get things set up and answer any questions you may have reguarding our services and products. You’ll find that we also have competitive rates, so there is no reason not to call! We look forward to helping you with all of your waste removal needs in Central Queensland!